Delay Analysis & Cost Claims Management Services
During project execution, the actual performance of the project may deviate from schedule, resulting in substantial delays. This may result in hefty losses to Concerned Parties due to schedule overrun. This schedule overrun may be usually due to the following reasons;
  Front Availability Issues
  Scope Changes
  Act of Prevention by Other Party
  Unresolved Ambiguity in Contract Conditions
  Hindrances & Disruptions due to various reasons
  Other Disputes
Protecon offers support in preparation of claims, Impact Analysis, Time & Cost Analysis for quantification of claims, Delay analysis& arbitration support documentation.Our team of experts prepares a Detail Claim Document in Legal Format along with proper back up based on inputs for review & onward submission. Our expert may also present the claim analysis to other party & attend review / clarification meetings on request basis.

Claims Management Process starts at the very beginning of the project with signing of the contract. It is essential to know exactlywhat is expected of the parties under the terms of the contract, both before signing, as well as during its execution. For effectiveClaims Management, the following must be in place:

            (a) A contract with clear terms and conditions and perceived by all stakeholders in the same way
            (b) A detailed project scope definition with clear interfaces
            (c) A project schedule baseline, based on the project scope and work sequences
            (d) A system of evidenced based Progress Reporting, Minutes of Meetings and proper change management
            (e) Official correspondence with records about decisions, changes or reports based on facts
Protecon offers the following Claims Management services:
   Identification: To identify / analyze potential issues & actual site conditions which may qualify as contractual variations and against which a substantial claims or
      counter claims can be lodged.
   Verification: Verifying tenability of claims with respect to contractual conditions & Legal considerations.
   Impact Analysis: Performing Time & Cost impact analysis.
   Claim Documentation: Preparation of claims in legal format with proper substantiations.
   Review & Settlement: Claims review & settlement advisory services.
   System: Establishing a proper Change Management System for future Changes /Claims.
   Advisory: Arbitration Tenability Study
Change in Scope ranks among the top issues that keep project managers awake at night. Change in Scope usually means added costs, greater risks and longer duration.

Protecon Offers Scope Change Management Services which systematically
            (a) Weed out vestigial changes(usually small but many),
            (b) Categorize imperative changes based on Urgency and CTR impact on baseline,
            (c) Impact mitigation planning of these changes and monitoring of change implementation.
Pre-bid Engineering & Proposal Management Services
Protecon offers Complete Proposal Management Services including Pre-Bid Engineering / Scope Quantification for Contracting Organizations.
This includes:
    Review of tender document
    Qualitative Risk Assessment for Bid-No Bid Decision
    Attending pre-bid meetings and raising queries
    Pre-bid engineering for quantification of scope
    Commercial impact of tender specifications & conditions
    Assistance in preparation of technical bid
    Detailed cost estimation
    Cash flow & Exposure Analysis
    Cost Risk Analysis on Tender Cost Estimate
    Estimate Accuracy & Contingency Calculations
    Advisory on price setting
    Assistance in preparing the replies against Technical & Commercialqueries.
Cost Estimation & Cost Optimization Services
Protecon offers following Cost Estimation and Optimization services under strict confidentiality to the Clients with accuracy & timely delivery
   Conceptual / Feasibility Cost Estimates: Prepared during feasibility studies for various technically feasible options using factored estimation and/or parametric models
      and preliminary Material Take Offs (MTOs). Typical Accuracy Range for Conceptual Cost Estimate is ± 25% to ±30%.
   EPIC / FEED Cost Estimates: Prepared upon completion of Front End Engineering Design. Generally, at the completion of FEED, Engineering is almost 20% to 40%
      complete. Typical Accuracy Range for EPIC Cost Estimate is ± 15% to ± 20%.
   EPIC / Construction Tender Estimates: Prepared to assist Clients to conclude a winning Tender price while minimizing risks in a systematic way. We prepare Detailed
      Cost Estimate Template in line with Schedule of Prices & identify critical items / possible venues of cost overruns & savings. Typical Accuracy Range for EPIC
      Cost Estimate is ± 5% to ± 10%.
Cost Optimization through Pre-bid value engineering, risk assessment, scope validation, estimate accuracy check, systematic method of contingency calculation based on risk factors are inbuilt features of our estimation methodology. We ensure 100% compliance to our promised accuracy.

Cost Estimation is carried out by a competent team of cost estimators under guidance of Mr. S K Chadha, an IIT Delhi alumnus with 40+ years of experience. Our team is supported by a vast & up to date cost data bank which has actual cost data collected over last 20 years from projects in India, Middle East, South East Asia and African Countries.
Project Cost Management Services
Protecon provides comprehensive Cost Management Services utilizing state of art Tools, Analysis and advisories to our Clients.
The package includes:
    Project Cost Management Plan aligned with DPEP
    Commitment Recording & Monitoring System
    Cost Forecasts & Trend analysis
    Earned Value Management (EVM) Reports
    Yard Stick Cost Estimate (Budget) for each Purchase Order / tender
    Cost analysis for each cost saving / over runs (Post Order Stage)
    Advisories on possible venues of Cost Savings
    Change Impact analysis – Forex Changes, Tax structures, Scope Changes
    Accurate Cash Flow Quarterly Reports for fund management
Independent Third Party Monitoring Services
Third Party Independent Monitoring services are designed to cater the need of effective project monitoring by top management ofClient / Contractor Organizations.
    To assist in Defining Project Controls Requirements for Effective Project Monitoring.
    To appraise about project status through Brief & Concise Progress Reports.
    To identify Areas of Concern & Advice Mitigation Plan to arrest delays.
    To protect client's interest by demonstrating Potential Risks associated with schedule overruns.
    To highlight the Inter / Intra Dependencies with various projects & executing agencies.
    To collate & integrate the reported information from various executing agencies.
Detailed Project Execution Plan
Detailed Project Execution Plan is a detailed write-up, defining various arrangements, methods, approaches & procedures to beadopted during execution of the Project for efficient project management & controls. DPEP is the governing document thatestablishes the means to execute, monitor, and control projects. The plan serves as the main communication vehicle to ensure thateveryone is aware of project objectives and how to accomplish the same.

Project Monitoring System (Planning Package)
Project Monitoring System or Planning Package is a complete solution for effective project monitoring & controls. This shallprimarily cover the methodology adopted by the Client for Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring and Invoicing. The followingdeliverables shall define the complete content of Planning Package;This includes

Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring & Reporting Procedures Material Control Register
Work Breakdown Structure Sub-Contracting Register
Management Level Schedule Construction Control Register
Integrated Planning Network / L-4 Schedule Commodities Tracking Register
Manpower Histogram & Summary Equipment & Machinery Deployment Summary
Progress S - Curves Progress Reporting Formats
Progress Measurement System Interface and Technical Query Register
Document Control Register Invoicing Procedure & Formats
Risk Management Services
Project Risk Management is a systematic & proactive approach to reduce future uncertainties. This can be achieved by properimplementation of Risk Management Process. The complete Risk Management Process involves Risk Management Planning(RMP), Risk identification, Qualitative Risk Analysis, Quantitative Risk Analysis, Risk Response Planning, Risk monitoring & Control. Protecon assists the Clients in developing a smart Enterprise Risk Management Framework, creating awareness by conducting workshops on complete Risk Management Process, facilitating project specific Qualitative Risk Analysis workshops and performingQuantitative Risk Analysis.
   Qualitative Risk Analysis is a process of assessing the impact & likelihood of identified Risks. This shall either be achieved by Qualitative definitions on Risk probability &
      Impact or by following Risk Rating Matrix. Individual risk is reviewed and debated to assess its impact, manageability and occurrence probability. Protecon can
      act as facilitator for conducting project specific Risk workshops.
   Quantitative Risk Analysis is a handy tool to assess and manage schedule contingencies. We provide services for conducting the Quantitative Risk Analysis for a project.
      Quantitative risk analysis will be carried out to review confidence level on business benefits arising out of the Project. The analysis is based on the Monte Carlo or
      Latin Hypercube Simulation techniques, where project completion is evaluated on probabilistic model.
   Schedule Risk analysis can also be utilized in settling a dispute between Consultant & Contractor for extension of time during Variation Order & claims settlement. This
      shall be performed through industry established software packages. The analysis will also result in developing Tornado diagram which will help in explaining
      the magnitude of impact due to each risk.
Contract & Procurement Management Services
The contract &procurement management performance of a project is directly related to the quality and cost of the work performed bysuppliers and contractors. Protecon helps their clients to mitigate contracts & procurement related risks, negotiate favorableterms & conditions, avail optimum taxation benefits and cost savings through wider sourcing options and vendor relationshipmanagement. We specialize in implementing Long Term Rate Contracts & Annual Rate Contracts Order for bulk material, spares, chemicals & catalysts, oils & lubricants.